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Check out Target Open House in San Francisco!

Target’s San Francisco Technology Center is home to an innovative team dedicated to what’s next for retail. They spend their time studying emerging technology and honing it for Target’s guests, making their lives easier and more awesome. And now, the team has launched Target Open House to the public, bringing the Internet of Things to life for visitors.

What’s the Internet of Things, and why does Target care? The Internet of Things is the connection between objects we use every day and the Internet, via embedded technology, to increase personalization and efficiency. It’s the next big thing that’ll make our lives easier, and the marketplace just keeps growing, with lots of products coming together to create what’s being called the Connected Home. Open House is a completely interactive life-size experience that demonstrates how a system of connected devices can work together across the home in surprising ways. For example, Open House brings to life how a smart baby monitor that detects a little one waking up can connect not only with the soothing sound system in the nursery, with a lamp in the bedroom and the coffeemaker in the kitchen, making mornings for new parents as smooth as possible. Check it out in the video below!