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Election volunteer opportunities

Passionate about helping people participate in our democracy? There are lots of ways to lend your time and voice to the cause!

The absolute easiest way to get involved in this final push for voter participation is to reach out to a candidate's local campaign office. They'll be looking for bodies to do everything from dialing voters, door-to-door canvassing and tabling at supermarkets. Same story for political parties; at this point in the game, they are the broad-based organizers in communities across the country dedicated to making sure voters get to the polls, and their organizational capacity is huge.

Party politics not your thing? Check out for election day volunteer opportunities. Election judging opportunities in many communities will have been a few months ago, as advance training is required, but there are still lots of other positions you might be able to fill. This great map from the Election Assistance Commission also lists your local opportunities. Every state (really, every zip code!) will have its own volunteer organizations and networks that are hungry for people like you! Most Secretary of State websites will have resources for volunteers in their state, too.

Another great way to get involved is volunteering with Rock the Vote, a national organization focused on getting young people to vote. They even offer a kit to host your own GOTV event. Interested in helping seniors get to the polls? Check out the opportunities on

There are lots of events on Facebook popping up all over the US related to transportation to the polls, again mostly organized by campaigns. This Forbes article also highlights Carpool2vote, a free app by WomenVotes to help people give and find rides to the polls. Looking for inspiration to start your own initiative? Check out, a site Warren Buffett started to organize rides in his district!