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Target Welcomes NCSL to Minneapolis

The National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) held its annual Legislative Summit in Minneapolis, MN Aug 19-22, bringing legislative leadership from all over the U.S. into Target’s backyard. Target has long been a member of NCSL, and was pleased to play host as a key sponsor of the summit.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton welcomed attendees to Minneapolis on Wednesday, Aug 20, to open the first general session. Following Governor Dayton’s remarks, Tim Baer, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Target, spoke to the crowd about Target’s legacy of civic engagement and thanked state legislators for the action they have taken on E-Fairness and the momentum they have given to finding a federal solution. Wednesday evening, Target hosted the NCSL Legislative Summit Leadership Reception at our Target Plaza Commons space in downtown Minneapolis.

During the Summit, hundreds legislators and their staff gathered to address critical issues facing states today. The robust schedule of sessions covered a broad variety of topics, including energy, healthcare reform, wage, agriculture, and hunger solutions, all addressed by subject matter experts. There were sessions related to budgeting, staffing, effective communication, and taking other essential practices to the next level. Task forces met to drive policy conversation and collaboration across legislatures.

Another benefit of the summit is the opportunity for business leaders to connect with legislators and enable a flow of information on priorities and ways to partner to benefit states and communities. More than 160 businesses were represented via sponsorship, and an expo allowed more organizations still the opportunity to build relationships and share knowledge.

Photos from the Event

Representative Paul Thissen, Speaker of the MN House of Representatives, and Representative Kurt Daudt, Minority Leader, meet Bullseye.

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar makes remarks at the Leadership Reception.

Speaker Thissen opens the Leadership Reception, welcoming NCSL’s leadership from across the country to Minneapolis.