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Why Target Joins the Policy Dialogue

As a retailer, importer, credit card issuer, health-care provider and employer of more than 365,000 team members, Target plays an important role in informing policy makers about many legislative issues. Target advocates at all levels of government in partnership with trade associations, industry peers and non-government organizations to ensure that the impact of legislation and regulation on our business, industry and team members is well understood.

Decisions made by government bodies affect all aspects of our business, from the products we sell, to the locations of our stores, to our relationships with our team members. We want to make sure we are clear about who we are and where we stand.

When directly advocating on positions important to our business, we rely on leaders throughout the company who have expertise to participate in policy discussions. We prioritize issues based on their effect on the retail industry and, more specifically, their direct and significant impact to our business.

For more than 50 years, Target has worked hard to create a brand based on a team culture of trust and respect. We know that strong businesses thrive in strong communities and, further, we believe that serving our guests includes serving the community. We also know that our success depends on effective partnerships: with our team, our guests, our shareholders and officials at all levels of government. To learn more about Target’s plans for the future and key partnerships, visit